Actress Liu Yan urges celebrities to better engage with charities

Chinese host-turned-actress Liu Yan recently recorded a gourmet show, Cook for Love, in which she shared her views on what celebrities should do to better engage themselves in charity programs.

The show, launched in October 2018, has invited celebrity guests in different fields, including Chinese director Zhang Jizhong, TV host Ju Ping, actor Nie Yuan and gymnast Chen Yibing, to cook a dish and at the same time talk about their life experience and personal understanding of charity. Supported by The China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, the show aims to draw public attention to the plight of malnourished children in impoverished areas to raise funds for the needy, and explores the possibility for gourmet shows to integrate charity into their programs.

The show’s second season comes out on Wednesday.

Liu said she is willing to use her influence to encourage more people to help vulnerable groups. “I’ve participated in many programs in which I would meet vulnerable people from different backgrounds or from various walks of life,” Liu recalled. “I was often deeply touched by their never-give-up-spirit and inspired by their constant pursuit of the lyrical beauty of life.”

She points out that celebrities should be charitable in their daily lives by actively getting involved in key charity projects, cooperating with nonprofit organizations, making full use of online charity platforms and personally visiting backward, remote places.

Speaking of the most impressive charity experience for her, Liu said that last year she acted as a Chinese teacher and delivered a speech in front of students at a primary school in Zhongshan, South China’s Guangdong province, which enabled her to get closer to the younger generation and encourage them to make every effort to chase their dreams.

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