Master class on Italian wine held

A Franciacorta wine master class was held by Ca’ del Bosco winery from Italy on May 31 in Beijing.

Maurizio Zanella, the founder and proprietor of Ca’ del Bosco brought 11 wines to the master class which were served at the ideal temperature and in large crystal wine glasses.

Bruce Li, the sommelier of China World Hotel, guided 60 participants including wine professionals, sommeliers, wine connoisseurs, hoteliers, restaurateurs, chefs and wine lovers.

Zanella also made a presentation on Franciacorta wine and its winery, and as well its terroir.

According to Zanella, Franciacorta is recognized as the first Italian wine produced exclusively by the secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Speaking about winery, Zanella says: “Ca’ del Bosco prides itself with its unique, original technology of the special corking machine that eliminates oxygen prior to corking. The oxygen-free process and environment reduce sulfites to the lowest level, resulting to healthier and tastier wines.”

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