National scholarships will help poor students continue education

As the entrance exams for secondary school and university draw near, China is striving to improve funding for students, so that no one is prevented from attending school due to poverty.

China will set up a national scholarship in secondary vocational schools beginning with the new semester, according to the China National Center for Student Financial Aid, which wrote two letters to graduates to assure them that various kinds of student financial aid are in place to help those in financial difficulty.

In a letter to junior middle school graduates, the center said that no matter whether they attend general secondary school or secondary vocational school, all students in need can apply for financial support from the government. Eligible students will be able to enjoy the policies of tuition exemption and miscellaneous fee exemption.

It also said that a national scholarship will be established in secondary vocational schools in the country beginning in the 2019 fall semester.

In a letter to secondary school graduates, the center said that students can apply for financial assistance before, during and after enrollment.

An assessment form for financially disadvantaged students will be attached to admission letters from universities, making it easier for those in need to apply for aid, it said.

In addition, applicants will only have to make a commitment and sign the assessment form themselves. The seal of local neighborhood committees is no longer needed, according to the letter.

Those submitting falsified information to receive student aid will face the cancellation of financial aid and in severe cases, might be put on a personal credit blacklist.

Last year, 135 million students in China received 204.3 billion yuan of financial aid, according to data from the Ministry of Education.

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