Qingdao riding wave of success after inaugural music festival

Musical notes literally flew across the night sky of Qingdao, Shandong province, thanks to 200 drones putting on a light show using the precision of high technology, while a traditional folk ensemble appeared at the central square in Jimo district to perform classic songs.

These events were a sneak peek at what locals would experience during the inaugural, ocean-themed, Tsingtao International Music Festival-set to become an annual event that will represent the coastal city in its entirety, through both its modern vitality and rich history.

The festival kicked off on Aug 2 and concluded on Sunday after presenting 10 concerts, staged in not only opulent opera houses, such as the Bluthner Grand Theater, but even inside the factory of FAW Jiefang Automotive.

Lyu Siqing, renowned Chinese violinist, says although he has performed many times in Qingdao, this festival holds special meaning for him personally, as his family is originally from Jimo, an older part of the the city where most of the concerts took place.

“I have come back to Jimo quite a few times in the past couple of years and observed its development. The ancient city is being restored and a music town has been constructed. Its music industry is becoming more prominent,” Lyu says.

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