Sina Weibo, WanglaoJi Great Health Industry Company launch vlog contest for celebrities

China’s Wanglaoji Great Health Industry Company, which deals in herbal tea, and Sina Weibo recently unveiled a vlog contest for celebrities at a ceremony at Sina’s headquarter in Beijing.

Actresses Huo Siyan and Ying’er attended the event and shared tips of short video filming.

The contest encourages celebrities to share their daily lives on Sina Weibo via creative vlogs, so that fans will know more about them.

“In this era of user-generated content, the boom in vlogs is the new trend. Such short videos showcase the daily lives of the makers, who are from different walks of life. The novelty is appealing to young hipsters, who are Wanglaoji’s core customers,” said Ye Jiceng, deputy general manager of WanglaoJi Great Health Industry Company.

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Sina Weibo’s data show that there are over 6,000 vloggers with a certification on the platform. And each day, over 10,000 vlogs are uploaded to Sina Weibo, covering 60 fields including travel, food and pets.

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